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Aero Elite: Combat Academy is the fourth game in the AeroWing series and is considered a true flight sim game as the planes react as their real world counterparts. There are 60 authentic aircraft to pilot including the Harrier, A-10 Warthog, the Mirage 2000 and the infamous Mig 29 along with helicopters as well. There are 12 different missions areas that are used and features the new "Scramble Mode" where the player is instructed to intercept a random intruder and identify and land or attack if instructed. There are multiple missions to participate in including interceptions of enemy squadrons and even mastering aerial stunt maneuvers.

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ReleasedJul 11, 2002

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Fly the not-so friendly skies in Aero Elite: Combat Academy, the PS2 debut of the Dreamcast series AeroWings. Offering simulation-oriented gameplay for the true flight enthusiast, Aero Elite puts players through rigorous training in a variety of combat aircraft. With its focus on realism, players utilize onscreen readouts displaying information regarding the craft's altitude, orientation, air speed, and other such pertinent details in order to retain precise control through the many sorties, aerobatic displays, and tests they will engage in. Five main modes of play are offered: Training, Arcade, Aero Meet 2002, Vs. Battle, and Free Flight

Training presents a series of tests that gauge your grasp of the aircraft and its nuances. Arcade mode provides players only three lives with which to advance through as many missions as possible; lose all three lives and you'll have to restart from the beginning. Aero Meet 2002 challenges the player to complete specific tasks in Air-to-Air, Surface, Maneuver, and Recon disciplines. Air-to-Air and Surface are combat-based events that pit the player against squadrons of airborne units and ground targets, respectively; Maneuver, on the other hand, offers offbeat challenges, such as flying through rings or shooting down balloons. Recon has the player attempting to take surveillance pictures while avoiding enemy gunfire. The Vs. Battle mode facilitates competitive battles between two human players.

Free Flight lets players take to the sky with the options and customized settings of their choosing: from the weather and time conditions, to the arena of engagement, to whether you'll fly solo or engage in air and ground-based combat. No fewer than 60 different aircraft can be unlocked through extended play, all of which are authentically modeled after their real-word counterparts.

  • Engage in training missions, combat sorties, and aerobatics

  • Fly sixty authentically modeled aircraft

  • Compete against a friend in the Vs. Battle mode

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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