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This compilation includes the arcade games Strikers 1945 and Strikers 1945 II, though "Strikers" was removed from the title everywhere in the game. They are the same ports that where released individually (separate for Japan and the US, both under the name Strikers 1945) for the PlayStation in 2001. In 1945 earth is attacked by aliens, conquering most of the planet. US, German, Japan and British forces join together to fight back. At the beginning of the game you get to choose which fighter aircraft you want to use.

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ReleasedAug 05, 2004
PublisherPlay It

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1945 1&11 The Arcade Games
isntro gaming at its very best. This classic, licensed
arcade shooter provides a solid challenge regardless of
a player's ability. This gams,has something to suit all
shoot 'em up aficionados; carpet bombing, massive
attacks, seemingly,impenetrable missile storms and
devious enemy attack patterns.
• Superbly balanced gameplay with six different planes,
each with it's own way of inflicting maximum devastation.
• All planes feature both primary and special attacks.
• Lets of different missions to Undertake, each one with
clear and simple objectives, featuring minor and major
bosses, set against immense and unique locations and
ending with massive, screen-filling end of level bosses.
• Blast enemies to expose power-up items including: super
shots, bombs and energy power-ups.
• Reveal hidden gold bars that eam more points.
• Selectable difficulty, from really easy to brain-
numbin?iy difficulty
• Outstanding mechanics - A control system that can easily
be mastered by any age or ability of player.
1945 delivers. THE classic o retro arcade game
entertainment, great fun, maximum repeat playability
and outstanding value for money.
1 Player
• Of SC" Reserved
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