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Conflict is a hex-based NES war game where the player is a three-star general who must accompany his troops to the ultimate victory. The player can earn or lose victory points by occupying cities and destroying units of the opponent's army. The player controls the Western Bloc while the computer (or second player) controls Eastern Bloc troops. A sequel was released for the Super NES entitled Super Conflict.

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ReleasedMar 01, 1990
PublisherVic Tokai

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Conflict Nintendo Nes Brand New $2020 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
P’radikus Conflict (Nintendo NES) NEW Factory Sealed US Release RARE Brand New $1599.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
P’radikus Conflict (Nintendo NES) NEW Factory Sealed See Pics For Condition Brand New $899.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
P’Radikus Conflict NES Very Good $278.69 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
P'radikus Conflict Nintendo Nes Very Good $270 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
P'Radikus Conflict Black Cart Nintendo Nes Cleaned & Tested Authentic Good $254.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nintendo NES Authentic OEM Game Cartridge Only - Tested Acceptable $87.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict (Nintendo NES) Complete in Box w/ Map GOOD Shape Good $59.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
NES FAMICON Conflict (Software only) FC Acceptable #1C7E Acceptable $57.94 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Pradikus Conflict - Nintendo,Nes - Instruction,Manual ONLY Good $51.06 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Original 1990 Nintendo NES Conflict Video Game Cartridge & Box Vic Tokai Acceptable $50.9 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
conflict nes Acceptable $50 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
NES FAMICON Conflict Software Only Good #976 Good $49.94 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
NES FAMICON (FC) Conflict (Soft Single) Good #9BE Good $49.94 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Nintendo NES Conflict w/ Box Acceptable $49 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
CONFLICT Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) OEM AUTHENTIC ????TESTED & WORKING Very Good $39.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nintendo, NES, Box Acceptable $39.92 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1989) NES Good $36.72 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict (Nintendo Entertainment System NES) *Authentic* Cleaned & Tested Good $29.95 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nintendo Nes Cleaned & Tested Authentic Near Mint Condition Very Good $26.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nes Nintendo Game Only No Box Or Manual. Good $26.83 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nintendo NES For Nintendo NES Vintage 2E Acceptable $21.37 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1989) NES Authentic Cartridge Only Good $19.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nintendo Nes Cleaned & Tested Authentic Good $19.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1989) NES Authentic Blockbuster Rental Good $19.97 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict (Nintendo Entertainment System NES) Acceptable $19.49 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nintendo Nes Cleaned & Tested Authentic Very Good $18.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict (Nintendo Entertainment System NES) Cart Only GREAT Good $18.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nintendo NES NTSC Good $18 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
*AUTHENTIC* NES Conflict, 1990 *CART ONLY*TESTED* Good $17.98 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict NES Nintendo Instruction Manual Only Good $15.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict Nintendo NES Clean Tested Working Good $14.53 .NES.' | '.Conflict.
Conflict (Nintendo Entertainment System NES) Acceptable $11.99 .NES.' | '.Conflict.

Additional Information

The Japanese version of Hagane: The Final Conflict for SNES is a side-scrolling action game. In this Sci-Fi-themed game, you play as Hagane. This advanced cyber ninja is on a quest to take revenge on the Koma faction for their wrongdoings. With special abilities, you must battle different enemies in different levels. The game does not have a save feature, and there are plenty of action scenes that keep the game moving along. The Fuma and Koma ninja clans look different, making them easy to differentiate during game play. This game is known for its non-stop action play.

  • Control a cyborg ninja seeking vengeance

  • Features five stages of side-scrolling action

  • Wield a short sword, chain, throwing knives, and bombs

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    The Red Wolves are on the Prowl
    Western Europe , 0530 Hours , 15 July
    A faraway rumble of machinery heralds the approach of what can only
    be a massive armoured force. As you radio headquarters for
    reinforcements and air support, you lean forward out of the turret hatch
    of your M-IA 1, hoping to catch a glimpse of the enemy in the distant
    Are those T-80s you see silhouetted in the first rays of the rising sun?
    And that roar--high over the coulds! Could that be a squadron of MIG -
    29s racing to intercept your incoming A-IO Thunderbolts? It doesn't
    really matter at this point. Your troops are committed. And there can
    only be one winner in CONFLICT.
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    Entertainment System.
    Made in Japan
    34912 78463
    01989 VIC TOKAI INC.
    Nintendo and Nintendo
    Entertainment System
    are registered trademarks of
    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Game Pak "NES-GP"
    Distributed by
    Torrance, California 90501

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