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The player takes control of a soldier named Super Joe, who starts by being dropped off in a jungle by a helicopter, and has to fight his way out singlehandedly, fending off a massive assault of enemy soldiers. In the NES version, there is a more powerful machine gun upgrade, as well as "glasses" to let the player view all the hidden bunkers and an unlimited grenade upgrade (the player will lose these upgrades after losing a life).

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ReleasedNov 01, 1986

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NES CAPCOM WATA 9.0 CiB Commando (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986) Like New $500 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Nintendo, NES) Complete in Box -- 5 Screw / Cardboard hangtab Good $269.95 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando 5 Screw Nintendo NES Video Game Complete in Box & 1942 5 Screw Very Good $149.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando Nintendo NES Hang-Tab Variant Cartridge+Box TESTED Good $99.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando, for NES Complete in box, Excellent condition. Very Good $90 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando NES TESTED WORKING! Good $79.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, 1986) Box & Cartridge (No Manual) Good $79.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
NES Nintendo Commando By Capcom Box Unpunched Hangtab 5 screw Good $79 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Nintendo Entertainment System) NES with Box 1st Print Hangtab 5 Screw Good $70.49 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986) Box Only NES Very Good $69.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando NES Nintendo 5-screw with Unpunched Hangtab Box Authentic Tested Very Good $69.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando HANGTAB Nintendo NES Complete in Box FAIR Acceptable $46.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
NES Lot of 4 Games, Commando, Castlevania 2, Double Dragon 2, Mafat Conspiracy Good $39.95 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Capcom) (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986) NES - Complete in Box Good $37.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
NES COMMANDO ORIGINAL NINTENDO RARE AUTHENTIC Includes Manual Tested ? Very Good $27.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando ORIGINAL Nintendo NES Game Tested + Working & Authentic Acceptable $19.09 .NES.' | '.Commando.
COMMANDO -- NES Nintendo Original Classic Authentic Fun 2 Player Game Good $16.48 .NES.' | '.Commando.
NES games A - G (Nintendo NES) Tested CLEANED AND POLISHED Cartridge only Good $16.24 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando NES game 1st Print Circle Nintendo Seal - Cart Cleaned Good $14.85 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando - Nintendo/ Nes Cart Only Great Condition Very Good $14 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (NES, 1986) Authentic - Clean Pins - Tested Working - Free Ship Like New $13.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando Nintendo NES Video Game Pak Cartridge Tested Working Great Shape Good $13.95 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando - Nintendo NES Game Authentic 5 Screw Fast Ship Good $12.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando Nintendo Entertainment System NES 1986 Video Game Cartridge 5-Screw Very Good $12.74 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando, Nintendo NES, 1986, Pre-Owned Acceptable $11.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) 5 Screw Authentic Cleaned & tested Good $11.9 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando - Fun NES Nintendo Game Very Good $11.42 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986) NES Authentic Tested (5 Screw) Good $11 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986) Acceptable $10.31 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (NES, 1985) Good $10 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando Nintendo Entertainment System NES video game Very Good $9.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
COMMANDO - NES Game Cartridge - Nintendo Entertainment System - 1988 Good $9.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986) NES Cartridge Only by Capcom Good $9.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando NES Nintendo Acceptable $9.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986) NES VIDEO GAME Cleaned and Tested Good $8.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Pre-Owned Nintendo NES Commando NES-CO-USA Game Cartridge w Sleeve - TESTED Acceptable $8.99 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Nintendo NES, 1986), video game. 5 Screw. COOL! Very Good $8.88 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando (Capcom) for NES Nintendo Game Cartridge Only Acceptable $8.5 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Commando - Nintendo NES Game Authentic Good $7.4 .NES.' | '.Commando.
Captain Commando (Nintendo NES, 1991) Manual ONLY Acceptable $7 .NES.' | '.Commando.

Additional Information

Commando marches from the arcades to the NES in this home conversion from Capcom. Control a soldier named "Super Joe" in a mission to rescue hostages and eliminate members of an army controlled by the evil "Gunther Brothers." Armed with a few grenades and a machine gun offering unlimited ammo, Super Joe will advance through four outdoor stages, each divided into four sections.

The action takes place on a vertically scrolling battlefield as enemy troops appear on foot, in trenches, on motorcycles, behind mortars, and more. Super Joe can acquire temporary power-ups like super grenades and bulletproof vests to help survive the relentless onslaught. He can also take a reprieve from the action by finding secret underground shelters, whose entrances are revealed by tossing grenades or using binoculars. Find and rescue all prisoners to earn a surprise bonus.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

Box Description

All Rights Reserved
rifle and unlimited ammuni-
tion, plus a hand grenade that
requires replenishing. Your
assignment... find and
destroy.... stopping attempts
to dominate the world's popu-
lation and resources.
You must skillfully control
super Joe's venture into a
deep, unexplored jungle
region. Surprisingly, you and
Super Joe find the enemy
behind iron walls, on bridges
to cross, and in trucks and jeeps
that try to ram super Joe.
COMMANDO- "Super Joen
and use your skill on a highly
secret mission... challenging
the Evil Empire Army in fierce
guerilla warfare.
uper Joe and your skill —
armed only with Super Joe's
Can Super Joe and you carry out this
reckless, almost impossible mission?
Ill I Ill
Distributed by
Sunnyvale, CA 94089.
Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment
System are trademarks of Nintendo of
America Inc.
13388 11001
Game Pak "NES-GP"
TM and Captain CommandoTM are registered trademarks of
U.S.A., Inc.

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