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The object of the game is to navigate through Groken Castle to rescue Princess Margarita. The player can push certain objects throughout the game to accomplish progress. In some rooms, the prince can only advance to the next room by aligning cement blocks, Honey Jars, Candle Cakes, and Elevator Controlling Block.

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ReleasedSep 01, 1989

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Castlequest VGA 85+ (1989 Nintendo NES) Indiana Collection! Brand New & Sealed! Brand New $1019.98 .NES.' | '.Castlequest.
Castlequest Nintendo NES WATA 8.0 A+ FACTORY SEALED H-Seam NOT VGA Pop 6! Brand New $819 .NES.' | '.Castlequest.
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Castlequest (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1989) NES CIB COMPLETE IN BOX Good $58.28 .NES.' | '.Castlequest.
Castlequest (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1989) NES Complete Good $56.99 .NES.' | '.Castlequest.
Castlequest (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES) Complete CIB Authentic Tested Very Good $44.99 .NES.' | '.Castlequest.
Castlequest (Nintendo NES, 1989) Game w/ Original Box, Manual, Map, and Sleeve Good $39.99 .NES.' | '.Castlequest.
Castlequest Nintendo NES Video Game Complete in Box Very Good $39.08 .NES.' | '.Castlequest.
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Castlequest (Nintendo NES) Complete in Box GOOD Good $34.99 .NES.' | '.Castlequest.
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Additional Information

The evil Mad Mizer has kidnapped the beautiful princess Margarita and is holding her in Groken Castle. After valiant, yet futile attempts by many brave knights, Prince Rafael heard of Margarita's plight and set out to rescue her.

In Castlequest, you take the role of Rafael as you search the 100 rooms of Groken Castle in order to save the princess. Each room consists of several doors of a certain color that must be opened with a key of a matching color. Keys are limited and must be used sparingly. Rafael has 50 lives with which to make it through all of the rooms, gaining an extra life for every 10,000 points. Points are earned by collecting the castle's many treasures. Jump and slash your way through any enemies that may impede your progress. Traps will get in your way as well, so be careful to avoid them.


Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

Box Description

long time ago in a faraway land, there lived a lovely
young princess named Margarita. Her beauty and
grace were known throughout the land — especially to
Mad Mizer, the Dark Lord of the grim Groken Castle high in
the Forbidden Mountains. He had vowed to make the Princess
his queen; and so, one terrible day he sent his ghoulish helpers
to capture her, and she was carried off and imprisoned in one
of the hundred miserable rooms of Groken Castle.
News of the kidnapping spread throughout the kingdom,
and many courageous young men braved the perils of Groken
Castle in an attempt to rescue the Princess — only to become
hopelessly lost in the complicated maze of rooms, ensnared in
one of the many treacherous traps, or foiled by Mad Mizer's
deadly servants.
Finally the news reached the worthy Prince Rafael, who
had long loved the Princess from afar. Raising his sword to the
heavens, Prince Rafael swore that nothing would keep him
from her side, and set out on his Castlequest. The odds against
him seemed hopeless - But legend has it that two magical
fairies have been held captive in the Castle for centuries. If the
Prince can find and release them to gain their help, he may yet
succeed in his quest- to rescue his fair Princess, he is
prepared to face the deadly wrath of the Dark Lord himself!
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0 1985, 1986 YOSHIDNKEISUKE IWAKURA. 0 1986
93992 01000
Made in Japan

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