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In the game you control Beetlejuice through various side-scrolling and overhead view levels in an effort to scare the yuppie Deetz family and friends that have taken over the house. You stomp on cockroaches in order to gain points that you used to buy various scare tactics that you use to defeat various enemies and bosses. Although the initial levels of the game are based upon the film, with Beetlejuice venturing through the Maitland House to find and scare away Otho, the later levels are original and involve Beetlejuice fighting mythical creatures in such locations as a sewer system and the afterlife.

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ReleasedMay 01, 1991

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Explore eight different levels of spooktacular fun with this unforgettable Beetlejuice game for the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Filled with the always funny Beetlejuice dark humor, this single-player title has you kicking an uppity, snobby family out of different homes and areas, including the Ghoul House and Graveyard. Each level has its own boss and enemies, and you'll need to collect plenty of different scare tactics to be successful. Make sure you check out the Afterlife Waiting Room toward the end. But while you work, crush those bugs to earn extra points and keep your Beetlejuice alive and well away from that hungry, hungry Sand Worm.

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It's showtime...starring me
...The Ghost with the Most!
How'd you like to help me
scare those city folks out of
your house...and their wits!?! Just say Beetlejuice,
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice
and I'm at your service!
We'll scare our way through
eight horrific levels, includ-
ing the Graveyard (it's so nice
this time of year) and the
My "Skeleton Scare"
should get rid of those
pesky Deetzes.
IVe had it up to here
with this slimy cavern
Does this sandworm
look hungry to you?
Uh oh!
Ghoul House. And run into (and away from)
Killer Giant Beetles, Legs Without Heads and
Deadly Scorpions. Wait 'til you get a load of the
weirdos in the Afterlife Waiting Room! Just
remember, one wrong move and you're food for
the Sand Worm.
Here's a tip...your best weapon is scares and
they're available only from the Recently Deceased
Information Booth. (My fave's the Grouchy Ogre.)
So make my Millenium. Pop in this game...Turn
on the juice...and see what shakes loose!
Distributed by Acclaim Distribution, Inc.,
LON Ltd., 1 Spring Street, Oyster Bay, NY 11771
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