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The game allows the player to control one of 12 teams in either a single game or a full season. For single games, there is also a two-player option. Bases Loaded featured a unique television-style depiction of the pitcher-batter matchup, as well as strong play control and a relatively high degree of realism, which made it one of the most popular baseball games of the early NES. One unique feature of the game is that the pitcher can provoke a batter to charge the mound. Each team has only one batter (usually the team's best hitter) who can be provoked in this manner, however; it is up to the player to discover who it is. At the time Bases Loaded was released, few video games were licensed by major league sports. Therefore, the league depicted in Bases Loaded is a fictitious league of twelve teams

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ReleasedJul 01, 1988

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Additional Information

Experience real baseball action and strategy with Bases Loaded. Choose your pitcher wisely based on his ERA and stamina (a reliever won't get you very far if you start the game with him). As a hitter, lean into or away from the ball and swing high, middle, or low, depending upon where the pitch is. Get beaned and charge the mound! If you don't like a call, you can always blame it on one of the umpires --Yuk, Dum, Boo, and Bum. The behind-the-pitcher perspective gives this baseball game a look unlike any before it.

There's a 132-game season ahead of you. If you don't win 80 of them, you've gotta go home and watch the better teams battle it out from home. You don't want that. So get out there and show them what you're made of!

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

Box Description

Pay only $1.25 for
postage and han-
dling. Details inside.
Pitch, Hit and
Run Like the Pros!
Here's voice, action and graphics so real,
you'll believe you're in the lineup. The charac-
ters look like real baseball placers, not car-
toons. The action moves at teh same pace as
a real game. Sounds real, too! The crack of the
bat, the calls of the upm, the roar of the crowd
when you score.
Play against the computer or a friend. Pick
your team from 12 different lineups. It's tough.
Each team has 30 players—12 pitchers and
18 fielders. Each ball player has his own style.
The trick: learn all 360 players!
Control and play any position. Whether pitch-
ing or at bat, control every aspect of the game.
Throw a fast ball, high outsider or a slider.
Swing for the fences. Hit and run, bunt, steal
or call for a pinch hitter.
losses. Sign autographs later.
JALECOT" and Bases LoadedTM are trademarks of Jaleco USA Inc.
Nintendo@ and Nintendo Entertainment Systeme are trademarks of Nintendo of
America Inc. 0 1988 Jaleco USA Inc.
Wilsone is a registered trademark of Wilson Sporting Goods Co.
Game Pak (NES-GP) Made in Japan.

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