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Baseball is a simple baseball video game made by Nintendo in 1983 for the Nintendo Family Computer, making it one of the first games released for the Famicom. It was later one of the NES's 18 launch titles when it was released in 1985 in the United States. As in real baseball, the object of the game is to score the most runs. Up to two players are supported. Each player can select from one of six teams. Although there is no difference between them other than uniform color, they are meant to represent the six members of the Japanese Central League.

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ReleasedOct 18, 1985

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NES Baseball Black Box CIB 7.5 WATA Graded Game Nintendo Very Good $549 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
NES Baseball Black Box CIB 6.0 WATA Graded Game Nintendo Very Good $449.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Black Box Baseball Nintendo NES Complete Authentic CIB Hang Tab 5 Screw Nice Very Good $194.83 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
NES Nintendo Games Lot Of 10 Some Complete Back to the Future Baseball Bionic Acceptable $149.95 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball - (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES) - BOX, MANUAL & STYROFOAM ONLY Very Good $75 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
R.B.I. Baseball: Tengen (Nintendo NES) ADULT OWNED. Authentic. COMPLETE CIB Acceptable $30.98 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball NES Game No Instructions Good $29.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball NES Nintendo Cart Only Authentic Tested 5 Screw Very Good $20 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
R.B.I. BASEBALL NINTENDO NES COMPLETE Acceptable $17.71 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball Nintendo NES Video Game Cartridge - Cleaned & Tested Working - 5 Screws Good $17.08 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
R.B.I. Baseball 3 Nintendo Nes Cleaned & Tested Authentic Good $16.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball Nintendo Entertainment System NES 5 Screw With Manual And Sleeve Good $15.49 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Baseball Cap NES Hat Pre-owned $14.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
R.B.I Baseball (Nintendo / NES) - Grey Cartridge Good $13.97 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Nintendo NES Controller Snapback Hat Adjustable Baseball Cap Gray & Red Pre-owned $13.56 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
10 Yard Fight & Baseball Nintendo NES Original Authentic 5 Screw Game Bundle Lot Very Good $13.44 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
R.B.I. Baseball: Tengen (Nintendo NES, 1988) Good $12.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball - Nintendo, NES Good $12.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Huge Nintendo NES Games Lot - Create your bundle - Discounts and Free Shipping Very Good $12.5 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball [5 Screw] Nintendo NES Genuine OEM Authentic Acceptable $11.78 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, 1985) Cartridge Only Tested Good $11.56 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
NES R.B. Baseball Tengen Gray Authentic Cartridge ???????????? Good $11.56 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball (Nintendo NES, 1985) Authentic Tested Working, Cartridge Only Good $10.95 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball, 1983, Nintendo Entertainment System, NES Acceptable $10 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball Nintendo NES Manual Only ~ Instruction Booklet Good $10 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
BASEBALL (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES 1985) Cart Only Authentic 3 screw Good $10 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
R.B.I. Baseball: Tengen (Nintendo NES, 1988) Good $10 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball NES Authentic Cartridge Good Condition Good $9.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball (Nintendo NES) Cleaned & Tested Working, Free Shipping - 5 Screw Good $9.9 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball NES Game, 5 Screw Version. Nintendo, 1985. Good $9.5 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball (Nintendo Entertainment System NES) Cleaned & Tested!! 5 Screw Very Good $9.44 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball - Nintendo NES Game Authentic Tested Good $9.28 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Nintendo NES Baseball - Game Cart -*WORKING PHOTOS*- -*TEAM CLEAN*- FREE SHIP Very Good $7.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball (Nintendo Entertainment System) NES Very Good $7.95 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball NES Nintendo Cart Only Authentic Tested 5 Screw Acceptable $7.95 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
R.B.I. Baseball (Unlicensed Tengen) - Authentic NES Nintendo Game Cart & Sleeve Good $7.19 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Nintendo NES Baseball Black Box Manual Instruction Booklet Nice Good $6.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball Nintendo NES Cartridge Only *TESTED* Like New $6.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
baseball Nes Manual Only Good $6.95 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
** Baseball ** Nintendo NES * [Acceptable Condition] Sports Series Classic Retro Acceptable $6.28 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
R.B.I. Baseball: Tengen (Nintendo NES, 1988) Acceptable $5.99 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Nintendo NES Manual Only Baseball Good $5 .NES.' | '.Baseball.
Baseball (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES 1985) 5 Screw Cartridge & Sleeve Acceptable $5 .NES.' | '.Baseball.

Additional Information

Before modern graphics and officially licensed video games, 'RBI Baseball' for the NES was the most cutting-edge sports game on the market. Enjoy a burst of nostalgia with this Nintendo NES game created by Tengen. RBI Baseball has the distinction of being the first game supported by the MLB Player's Union. Choose from several different teams, including Detroit, St. Louis, Minnesota, and California with real players from the 1980s, including George Brett, Mark McGwire, and Jose Canseco. Because each player in the game has different stats, strategy plays a key role, such as stealing second base with Vince Coleman on first or throwing fastballs with Nolan Ryan to strike the other team out.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

Box Description

The most realistic
baseba// game outside
of a ba//par/d
It's the bottom of the ninth. You're at
the plate. Here comes the pitch. You
swing it's a smash deep into center
field' A horne runl It's Nintendo BASE
BALL. A game so real you'll think you're in the majors. You control the swing
of the bat. The speed of the pitch. The hits, the steals, the double plays' Play
against a computer opponent or challenge a friend. Nintendo's stated the-
art graphics and realistic ganne play will have you really believing you're play
ing baseball. Just add peanuts, popcorn and crackerjacks for the time of
your life!
Players: 1 or 2
For use with the Nintendo Entertainment System.
Game Pak ( NES-GP)

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