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It's not hard to understand what this game is about, judging by its title: a simulation of Australian football, a code of football that is little known outside of Australia but is very popular in certain areas of the country. You can either train your players (one, two, or three players at a time), play a single match, or participate in an Australian tournament, choosing one team and leading it to victory.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1991
PublisherLaser Beam Entertainment (AU)

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Experienceall the thrills and
spills d Aussie Rules Footy now
on your Nintendo. Choose your
favourite team, play one match
or a whole season and see if
you can make it through to the
big one —the Grand Final!
The game is fast, the action
is non-stop. Choose to play one
on oneagainst the computer or
play two, four or six player
games. Challenge all your
friends and their favourite teams
in youræuestfot the flag!
The training session will help you practise all your kicking,
handpassing, marking and goal kicking skills for the big match.
You'll need to be fit and strong to sustain the best of tackles from
Your opponents!
• 18 teams to choose from. • One, two, four or six players.
• Kick to kiek training session. • Play one match or a whole season.
• Fast; action-packed play. • Fabulous real-life graphics.
1991 Seftware
Pub'ighed bp Lasor Beam Entertainment
c' the
this sea
A w-roatibilitw
j E T tertainment
Ptv Ltd.. 31-53 Park street,
Distributed Oy Pty. Ltd..
Plummer Street' po Box 77.
Poi-t Melbourne 3207
Mado iri Ja—an
Game Pak
System NinterÆlp_«

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