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In The Second Attack, Bomberman finds a mysterious egg while celebrating his victory over Altair and Sirius on a hot spring planet and decides to take it with him while exploring space in his ship. One day, however, Bomberman's ship gets sucked into a black hole, and he wakes up to find himself in a jail. While in jail, the egg suddenly begins to hatch. The creature inside turns out to be a charabom named Pommy. With the help of Pommy, Bomberman is able to escape. Bomberman learns there are some elemental crystals being collected by the evil Rukifellth, and the Astral Knights, that hold the current crystals. They are missing the fire crystal which Bomberman has. It's up to Bomberman and Pommy to stop the new evil and retrieve the crystals. Along the way, he meets Lilith, a girl apparently working toward the same goal he is. He meets her on many occasions. Little does Bomberman know that one of the knights is none other than Regulus (now under the name Bulzeeb), who still hasn't forgotten their last battle and his vow to settle their differences once and for all.

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ReleasedMay 18, 2000
DeveloperHudson Soft
PublisherVatical Entertainment

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Step into three-dimensions on Nintendo's powerful 64-bit machine platform with Bomberman 64: The Second Attack video game. Reach new levels protecting the peace of Bomber World by blowing up anything and everything in the way. Solve puzzles, explore labyrinth, drop bombs, and discover treasures as five colorful worlds are traversed. Access a sixth world by discovering 100 gold cards on the travels. Vary the intensity, the fun and action with the new multiplayer mode features that power into Single Battle mode, and explode your way through Team Battles. Vivid colors, animated graphics, and new directional features keep the action in the red with high-explosive fun.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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