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Air Boarder 64 is a futuristic racing game for the Nintendo 64. It is very similar to the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, allthough the game features hover boards instead of the usual skateboards. Various game modes are available in which you either have to win the race challenges or get a high score by performing different tricks.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1998
DeveloperHuman Entertainment
PublisherHuman Entertainment, GMI

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Set far into the next century, airboarding has overtaken snowboarding and skateboarding as the new extreme sport of choice. Players compete for the coveted "Master of Airboardin'" by slipping into the role of one of eight characters with their own brand of hoverboard. Players control their board with the analog stick and can pull off more than 80 different tricks including slides, tail grabs, handplants and roast-beefs. AirBoardin' defies gravity, enabling players to catch ridiculous amounts of air. Additionally, players can ride straight up the sides of surfaces, bounce off certain objects and generally jump tens of feet into the air with the press of a button. The control is loose and frustrating at times. Announced for US release, circulated to publications in final form, and even reviewed by some US outlets, the title was set to be released to the west as AirBoardin' USA (with a changed Ska soundtrack). It never came out, though.

  • Street Mode: players perform tricks to gain points (and extra levels)
  • Practice mode teaches airboard control
  • Time attack: a race against time
  • Coin mode: scatters coins around course and players must find them
  • Free run exploration of the tracks
    And Vs. mode: two-player split-screen race

  • Box Description

    MODEL # NUS-006 (EUR)
    Please read the "Consumer
    information and
    precautions booklet" inside.
    Bitte lesen Sie sich die
    beigefügte "Verbraucher-
    information und andere
    wichtige Hinweise"
    gründlich durch.
    01998 GAGA
    Communications Inc.
    O HUMAN 1998
    dlr COOL
    The year is 2064. The snowboard and skateboard of the previous century have evolved into
    an AirBoard that hovers about socm above the ground.
    This AirBoard can be ridden over ground, over water, and even along the walls of buildings
    or from roof top to roof top!
    There are no courses in AIRBOARDER 64 must be strictly followed, so you are free to ride
    around the whole field and perform a variety of cool tricks! Go for it and become a Master
    of AirBoarder.
    Seven exciting game modes. Also has 2 players modes.
    Perform original tricks with cool characters and hyper boards.
    On-road, air, lip, drum, by combining these tricks, you can create Unlimited Combos!
    5 courses. Make the tricks and ride around the board to your heart contents.
    Wir befinden uns im Jahr 2064. Snowboards und Skatebords fruherer Jahrhunderte Sind out
    und haben sich zum AirBoard weiterentwickelt, das ca. 50 cm uber dem Boden dahingleitet.
    Auf dem AirBoard kannst Du uber dem Boden, uber Wasser und sogar an Hauswanden
    entlang schweben Oder von Dach zu Dach dahinflitzen!
    Es gibt bei AIRBOARDER 64 keine Strecken, die es streng einzuhalten gilt; Du hast das ganze
    Feld fur Deine Tricks zur Verfugung! Schnapp Dir das AirBoard und werde Master
    Sieben aufregende Spielmodi - auch fur 2 Spieler.
    Originaltricks mit coolen Typen und Hyperboards.
    On-road, Air, Lip, Drum - durch Kombination dieser Tricks kannst Du Unlimited Combos schaffen!
    5 Strecken. Bring die Tricks und reite das Board wie es Dir gefallt!
    et dje
    Nous sommes en l'an 2064. Le mono-ski et le mono-patin a roulettes du siecle anterieur ont
    evolue sous la forme d'un AirBoard planant a 50 cm au dessus du sol.
    Cet AirBoard peut naviguer au sol, sur reau et meme le long des murs des immeubles, ou
    bien sauter de toit en toit!
    Dans AirBoarder 64, pas de circuit a suivre strictement, vous etes donc libre d'aller partout
    et de realiser une grande variete d'acrobaties geniales! Lancez-vous et devenez un Maitre du
    Sept modes de jeu passionnants. Aussi en version 2 joueürs.
    Faites des acrobaties geniales avec des personnages sympas et des supers-boards.
    Sur route, en Vair, en corniche, sur bidon, et en les combinant tous, vous pouvez creer des Combos Sans Limites.
    5 circuits. Faites vos acrobaties et naviguez partout sur votre AirBoard a votre entiere satisfaction.

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