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This platform-based action game was converted from a Capcom arcade game, and set in the land of Alurea. The idyllic life of the Alurean people was shattered when the King is killed by a dragon, and a range of nasties inhabit the lands. Fortunately his twin sons have come to the rescue, and you must take control of one or the other to put the world right. The boys have differing skills - one is more skilled in sword-fighting (which you are always armed with), the other in magic (available in limited amounts on each level). You collect coins as the game goes on, and spend these in the shop on extra magic, extra lives and enhanced swords.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1993
DeveloperVisco Corporation

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The kingdom of Alurea was one of the happiest places to live in all the world. There was no such thing as war, animals lived peacefully with humans, and King Chiki Chiki was in good spirits thanks to his newly born twins (born precisely 32.2 seconds apart)! Yet evil beings have a tendency to gravitate toward nice, cheerful places to spread their gloom and doom.

That's the case with Alurea; it was only a matter of time before creatures decided to make it their personal resting stop. Now the hope of restoring Alurea to happier times falls on the shoulders of the king's twin sons, the Chiki Chiki Boys. They are old enough to fight the evil forces throughout the kingdom, and vow to keep at it until the monsters are gone for good!

Chiki Chiki Boys lets you play as one of the brothers as you set out to save the kingdom from various monsters. The older brother is a skilled swordsman, while the younger one is more proficient at magic.

After selecting your favorite Chiki Chiki Boy, you'll be able to enter a name and choose between three rounds on a world map: Earth, Heavens and the Sea. The object is to fight your way past several creatures until you find the exit completing the world, where you'll then confront a boss character.

Once you've completed all three rounds, you'll be able to enter the Monster Castle and save the kingdom. Each Chiki Chiki Boy can slash with his sword and use magical orbs, which will unleash a powerful attack. Players will also be able to find numerous treasure chests which may reveal helpful or harmful items.

In addition, coins can be collected to purchase more orbs, continues (extra lives), swords, shields and energy capsules in between rounds. Lives are especially important since you'll only begin with two! Chiki Chiki Boys is based on Capcom's 1990 arcade game of the same name.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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