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You play as Captain Addis, a former officer in the US army during the Vietnam war. Now, twenty years after the war, you are sent on a mission to follow the Ho Chi Minh trail and to rescue American airmen that were left behind.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1991
DeveloperSETA Corporation Visco Corporation
PublisherMentrix Software

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In 1972, one of the last places you would want your plane to crash would be Vietnam. But that's exactly where you find yourself after bailing out of your damaged aircraft. Fortunately, you're Captain "Windbreak" Addis, and you're not afraid to face the dangers of the Vietnamese jungle. Armed with your trusty .50-caliber machine gun and a few hand grenades, you've got to get from the crash site to the rendezvous point. While this may sound simple, you'll have your hands full of Viet Cong, angry villagers, jet fighters, and helicopters as you try to make it through all five levels of guerilla-warfare action. With three difficulty levels, tons of power-ups, and a seemingly endless barrage of enemy gunfire, you'd better be ready to put up a fight if you hope to survive. Good luck, Captain!

Based on the arcade hit; get from the crash site to the rendezvous point; use power-ups to increase your firepower; five levels of intense action; played from an overhead perspective

Controls: Gamepad

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