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One day while minding their own business, spending quality time together, Bubba and his faithful sidekick Stix are abducted by aliens who want to feature them as star attractions in their zoo. When the aliens' ship crashes, Bubba and Stix escape the clutches of their captors and must try to find a way home while avoiding the new planet's strange creatures.

You control Bubba, a long necked redneck, equipped with his weapon-like pal Stix, a small fella who acts like a cross between a billy club and a boomerang when held in Bubba's hands. While maneuvering Bubba throughout the strange planet, you can throw Stix at aliens, maneuver him like a pry bar to lift rocks and barrels and things, use him like a snorkel to breathe under water, and stick him into trees and buildings and such for use as a platform. The deeper you go into this game, the more uses you'll find for your little friend. Stix is your only weapon and your only ally. Without him, you couldn't even get through the first part of the first level of this game.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

ReleasedJan 01, 1994
DeveloperCore Design
PublisherCore Design

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