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You are Kenji Ohara, a motor boat expert. The evil Dr. Orca has kidnapped your sister Kim. Together with your best friend Luka you must find his hideout on a deserted island, and rescue your sister from his clutches. But that won't be easy, as Dr. Orca has sent his henchmen to stop you! This is a sailing action game. You navigate your motor boat from a third person perspective view, increasing and decreasing your speed, avoiding yachts and other obstacles, and shooting down the enemies who are trying to stop you.

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ReleasedOct 10, 1990
PublisherNuvision Entertainment

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The evil Dr. Orca has kidnapped your sister and plans to take over the world. As Kenji Ohara, you vow to stop Dr. Orca no matter what the cost. Hop into your red speedboat (along with close friend Luka) and set out on the high seas to locate Dr. Orca's island hideout.

Bimini Run is played from behind the boat as you race to catch the henchmen responsible for the kidnapping. You'll have to weave your way through sailboats, rocks, islands, reefs and sand bars while relentlessly pursuing the enemy through six chapters.

An overhead map is available to help you negotiate the treacherous waters as you keep an eye on the enemy's distance. If he gets too far, you'll have to start over. Besides avoiding obstacles, you'll need to watch out for helicopter gunfire and even the attacks from deadly sea creatures. Fuel is also limited, so you need to catch the enemy as fast as possible in order to complete the chapter.

Weapons include a bazooka and both a low- and high-fire gas gun to stun the enemy ship. Players can choose either a moderate or difficult setting, adjust the number of boats they have in reserve (three, five or seven), or alternate turns with a friend. Can you rescue Kim Ohara before it's too late?

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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