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'MECH WAR!! The 31st century is a brutal and violent place. The galaxy is racked by a devastating war waged with gigantic 75-ton BattleMechs teeming with the most ruinous weapons that science can create. MechWarriors like you are needed to pilot the "Madcat" Heavy OmniMech on desperate missions against enemy installations. This is the world of BATTLETECH! Alone against the relentless onslaught of hordes of enemy defenders, you'll need skill and cunning to knockout your objectives! Steer your lumbering 'Mech into the savage fury of a hornet's nest of attackers, and cut loose with the Madcat's incredible firepower to lay waste to all before you! Fight to the last for a victory that will bring you honor and glory! And if honor isn't motivation enough, it helps to remember that the enemy doesn't take prisoners... -Use 9 futuristic and devastating weapons systems to obliterate enemy resistance! -Battle the ground defenses of the Inner Sphere on five different planets! -2-Player Cooperative Mode lets one player steer while the other controls the Madcat's weapons systems!

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ReleasedDec 31, 1994
DeveloperMalibu Games
PublisherExtreme Entertainment

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The year is 3050. Wars are fought with seven-story BattleMechs armed with the deadliest weapons known in the galaxy. These sixty-ton hunks of metal are piloted by MechWarriors, the only ones brave (foolish?) enough to fight the ruthless armies of the Inner Sphere in the name of their Clans.

Now it is time for a new MechWarrior to suit up and pilot the latest technology the Clans can offer: the "Madcat" Heavy OmniMech. Any volunteers? In Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat, you'll take control of the Madcat as you travel to five different planets to destroy the Inner Sphere's ground defenses.

Nine futuristic weapons are available to outfit your 'Mech, including: a Gauss Rifle, Arrow VI Missiles, Particle Projection Cannon, Machine Gun, Auto Gun, Large Laser, "Inferno" Short-Range Missiles, "Maelstrom" Long-range Missiles, and "Thunder" Time-delay Mines. You are free to choose any three of these weapons to complete your mission objectives, which involve taking out various structures on the ground. As you pilot your 'Mech across the battlefield, you'll have to watch for mines, enemy 'Mechs and defense systems.

Having some trouble moving and firing at the same time? Grab a friend and play the two-player Cooperative Mode, allowing one player to guide the 'Mech while the other targets enemies with its weapons. After completing each world, you'll receive a password to resume your destruction at a later time.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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