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Precious metals are mysteriously missing from Gotham City mines. One of these metals has a highly toxic composition which is used to build explosives for missiles. Gotham City police have exhausted their resources and frantically call to Batman for help. He knows this scheme can only be the insane working of one criminal mastermind... The Joker seeks revenge! Batman must follow the trail leading to the location of the Joker's secret hideaway before it's too late. It won't be easy though. The Caped Crusader must use his new arsenal of weapons to foil The Joker's evil henchmen and rely on his acrobatic strength to overcome the obstacles that block his way. Gotham City is relying on you to stop the revenge of The Joker!

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ReleasedMar 06, 1992
DeveloperSunsoft Ringler Studios

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The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime, has stolen vast quantities of precious metals from the mines of Gotham City. Police suspect that one of these metals is composed of a highly toxic explosive used for missiles. They are at their wit's end and are unable to capture The Joker, so they call on the one and only Dark Knight detective, Batman, to rid the town of this menace.

As Batman, you are equipped with Batarangs, sonic neutralizers, shield stars, and a crossbow as you battle the The Joker and his evil henchmen. Also, if Batman collects eight energy capsules, he'll become invincible, but only for a few seconds. The seven levels of play in this game take place at dangerous locations, including an old sky-high cathedral, The Joker's warehouse, a snowy mountain, a refinery, an underground conduit, an ammunition base, and a jungle island. A passcode feature lets you save your progress in the game, eliminating the need to repeat earlier levels every time you start a new game.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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