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BUST-A-MOVE 2: Arcade Edition arrives on Game Boy in this slick port of the hugely popular arcade puzzle gam. In this one-player only game, bubbles of different colors descend from the top of the screen in clumps. Using your blaster that fires colored bubbles of your own, you must attempt to clear the screen as best as you can. Line up three bubbles of the same color, and they pop, leaving you a little more breathing room. BUST-A-MOVE 2: Arcade Edition offers three unique modes of play. In Puzzle mode, you'll play through 100 stages of bubble-busting action in three different difficulty levels. To progress you have to clear out all of the bubbles, so plan your moves carefully. Time Attack mode is quite similar, except that you are now racing the clock to find the solutions. Lastly, in Versus Computer mode, you'll take on a computer opponent in a battle to see who caves first. You can string together combos to send trouble their way and ensure your victory. A password save option will help you keep track of your place so you can play again another day.

Variety of cute characters; eliminate bubbles at the top of the screen; arrange bubbles into groups of three or more; bubbles slowly move downward; classic gameplay

Controls: Gamepad, Joystick

ReleasedFeb 01, 1998
DeveloperProbe Entertainment Limited
PublisherAcclaim Entertainment

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