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The objective is to guide a bubble throughout a number of halls in a haunted house. If the bubble hits any walls or obstacles, then it will pop and the player loses a life. Obstacles include lit candles, electricity and fans. These can be all controlled by the ghost, who can wander around the level freely and blow at things - such as the bubble to add speed, the candle to put out the flame, or switches to turn them on or off. It was the first French game adapted for the Game Boy.

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ReleasedNov 01, 1990
DeveloperOpera House
PublisherFCI Inc.

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Originally designed for the computer platform, Bubble Ghost is a puzzle title starring, surprisingly enough, a bubble-blowing ghost. This talent may not ordinarily be of use in the paranormal world, but it will prove particularly handy in the game. To free itself from an ancient castle, Bubble Ghost must use his gust generating skill to solve an assortment of puzzles. Blowing bubbles in various directions is required to snuff out candles, activate fans, make music, and perform other functions that will help the supernatural star safely advance through the game's 35 stages.

  • Features 35 levels or "halls"

  • Activate various objects to help overcome obstacles

  • Carefully guide each bubble to the exit to advance

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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