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FROM TV SCREEN TO GAME BOY SCREEN COMES HEROIC CRIME FIGHTING ADVENTURE. Everyone's tuning in to Batman - The Animated Series. Now, for the first time, this hit TV series becomes an intense video game adventure. The Dark Knight and his partner Robin fight Gotham City's most infamous fiends in five original episodes of sizzling crime fighting action. Batman's strategic use of the grappling hook is crucial for surviving the onslaught of evil enemies. And Robin relies on his hang-from-the-ceiling skills to escape certain doom. Both of our heroes possess fists of amazing strength and must try to find weapon power-ups scattered throughout the mayhem.

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ReleasedNov 01, 1993

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Batman and Robin must battle Gotham City's notorious villains across five side-scrolling levels, each structured like an episode from the animated television series. You'll automatically switch between the dynamic duo to take advantage of character-specific abilities: Batman uses a grappling hook to scale heights, while the agile Robin can walk across ceilings. Both heroes can also perform wall jumps to reach ledges. Confront multiple boss characters while navigating each hazard-filled stage, including the Joker, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, and the Riddler. Defeat mobsters, soldiers, clowns, and other enemies by punching them until their health is depleted. The crime fighters will also be able to throw a limited number of batarangs after locating them somewhere within each stage.

  • Alternate control between Batman and Robin across five themed stages

  • Confront multiple boss characters, including the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman

  • Use Batman's grappling hook or Robin's ceiling climbing ability to escape danger

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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