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Unlike most Barbie games, this game is a standard platform game rather than a simulation of the life of a female fashion model. Barbie must find an outfit for her date with Ken. The environment features a shopping mall level, an underwater level, and other worlds to explore. The game is also centered around collecting gems and pearls to fend off opponents. Enemies in the game include the usual sharks found in underwater levels in addition to jellyfish. Moving cubes of sugar must also be defeated in the game. The bonus rounds of the game are essentially a Concentration-type game where matching identical cards lead to extra points for the player.

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ReleasedOct 01, 1992
PublisherHi Tech Expressions

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Help Barbie find the perfect outfit in her first outing on Game Boy. Locating the right clothes isn't a simple matter of selecting items from a rack, however. The Fantasy Mall is not your typical shopping center, either. The mall's seven areas require Barbie to leap across moving platforms, solve basic puzzles, and even swim as a mermaid. Barbie will also have to deal with various hazards and angry creatures while exploring the mall's atrium, soda shop, aquarium, toy store, music store, and dressing room. Collect gems to throw at enemies, and earn extra lives from "B" icons and stars. For a boost in power, grab a heart to transform into aerobics Barbie. Earn bonus points by playing a memory matching game at the end of certain levels.

  • Features seven side-scrolling stages

  • Battle sharks, sugar cubes, jellyfish, and other creatures

  • Play memory matching games to win bonus points

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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