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Arcade Classic No. 4: Defender/Joust puts two of the all-time classic arcade games on a single cartridge. Both are decent ports that offer several Game Boy-specific features, including rapid fire in Defender and the thumb-saving (though less-than-graceful) rapid flap in Joust. Also, both games have music (which can be turned off, thankfully), but the noisy, grating firing sounds in Defender mask the tunes much of the time. Only Joust offers an updated mode, which is augmented by larger, scrolling screens and detailed (relatively speaking) backgrounds. When played using the Super Game Boy, the games are semi-colorful and are framed by arcade-like borders.

  • Features two arcade hits on a single cartridge

  • Blast alien vessels or use a lance to defeat mounted riders

  • Choose the rapid-fire option for faster shooting or flapping

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

    ReleasedOct 01, 1995
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