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Atari's classic arcade games Centipede and Millipede are together on one cartridge for a double dose of insect blasting action. In the first game, a segmented centipede weaves its way down a single screen as you attempt to blast it to pieces. The playing field is also filled with mushrooms that will help "steer" the insect toward the bottom. After each hit by your rapid-fire shooter, the insect will break into segments making it more difficult to destroy. Should any part of the centipede reach the bottom of the screen, it will start to multiply one segment at a time!

Other insects such as spiders, scorpions and fleas will also serve as moving targets during the game. Once you have destroyed the centipede, the level changes color and the insects move faster and faster. Millipede is the same style of game, but with more insects to shoot (mosquitoes, slugs, bees, and dragonflies) and DDT capsules that explode when fired upon. This cartridge is enhanced for the Super Game Boy adapter and offers framed backgrounds resembling the original arcade units (complete with trackball and start buttons).

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

ReleasedAug 01, 1995
DeveloperThe Code Monkeys

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