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The thrills and excitement of Major League Baseball has come to the Game Boy with ALL STAR BASEBALL �99. Thanks to an MLBPLA license, all of your favorite teams and players have been included. Get into the swing of things with the Batting Practice mode, and when you are ready for some action try to win a single game in the Exhibition mode, or try to win the World Series by leading a team through the ups and downs of a Season. In either mode, you can handle all of the fielding duties yourself, or pass the responsibility on to the computer. Get ready to test your hardball skills with ALL STAR BASEBALL �99.

All MLB teams including over 700 players, Players have real-life unique characteristics, Managable teams (trade, create, etc. players), Play-by-play calls, Fully rendered 2D graphics

Controls: Gamepad, Gamepad/Joystick, Joystick

ReleasedMay 01, 1998
DeveloperRealtime Associates

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