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In the year 2593, on the planet Alpha Centauri 3, Predators looking for a hunting ground plant Alien eggs. The Aliens soon hatch and wipe out the human population. However, when the Predators move in for the hunt, they find they are vastly outnumbered and suffer the same fate. Only one of them survives. He theorizes that among the hatched Aliens there was a queen that laid additional eggs, which would explain the huge number of Aliens. The last survivor sets out to destroy the queen and regain the honor of his clan. The Predator must traverse several side-scrolling levels on his way to the queen, while destroying Aliens in all their forms - facehuggers hatched from eggs, chestburster aliens and fully grown warriors. Various weapons are available: the standard weapon are the wrist blades. Ammunition for the shoulder cannon, the cutting disks and bombs must be picked up. The bombs not only work as weapons but can also be used to destroy barriers. To avoid a fight altogether, the Predator can also use his invisibility system, which runs down the energy supply. To recharge it, energy powerups must be collected. Also hidden in the levels are keys that open up doors blocking the way into the next area. A small radar map helps in navigating the maze-like corridors and also displays approaching enemies.

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ReleasedNov 01, 1993
DeveloperASK Kondansha
PublisherActivision NA

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After exhausting their home of resources and game, the sportsman-like Predators abandoned their planet to scour the universe for worthy adversaries. Initiating a hunting competition, the fierce creatures landed on Alpha Centauri 3 -- a baron rock crawling with Alien inhabitants. While the initial plan was to hunt and destroy these vile critters, the Predators soon realized their opposition was smarter and stronger than anticipated. Within a short period, the Alien race decimated the hunters; only one survived the onslaught.

Alien vs. Predator features side-scrolling action, advanced weaponry and a solitary mission objective: the destruction of the Alien race. As the remaining Predator, you'll trudge through ominous caverns, residential and utility corridors, and the Alien Queen's lair. There are seven levels in all, each progressively harder than the previous. Because of the intricate level designs, the radar maps out layouts and shows enemy creature locations.

Since enemies come from out of nowhere, you should pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Your lone Predator will come across various Alien creatures including the drone-like warriors, hatching eggs, knee-high Chest-bursters and the speedy, leech-like Face-huggers who leave trails of acid slime, so be careful where you walk! After decimating her cronies, only one foe remains: the Alien Queen.

Weapons include the default wrist blades, cutting disks, laser cannons, and bombs (also used for blasting rusted or decrepit walls). Additionally, you'll have access to a cloaking device for stealth and surprise attacks. Along the way, you'll come across locked doors and other interactive objects such as keys and energy pickups used for replenishing the Predator's health and radar. Alien vs. Predator is an all-out war where revenge is the ultimate prize.

  • Take the role of Predator and defend against an Alien attack

  • Wield laser cannons, wristblades and cloaking devices

  • Hunt through seven maze-like levels

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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