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After the end of the Sixth World War, the Earth has been rendered inhospitable and uninhabitable by humanity. The Intergalactic Council ruled that Earth could once again be used by humans and sent people there to restore civilization there. Meanwhile, mutants have prospered in the long-lost wastelands of Earth and were unwilling to allow the humans to have it again. The Intergalactic Council has sent in a lone fighter called Aerostar to defend the Earth from a second act of total destruction.

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ReleasedSep 01, 1991
DeveloperVic Tokai
PublisherVic Tokai

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Enemies are attacking the city, and it's up to you to stop them. Jump into your plane and hit the skies in an all-out effort to defend your home. Blast them with your laser as they appear at the top of the screen, and keep an eye open for power-ups which will make your lasers and bombs more powerful that destroyed enemies leave behind. When the action becomes really intense, you can use the jump abilities of your ship to change altitude and avoid enemy fire. If you find the game too easy or too difficult, feel free to switch to one of three different difficulty settings. It's up to you to save the city and blow the bad guys out of the air in AEROSTAR.

Defend your home; laser blaster; power ups for more powerful lasers and bombs; jump abilities; three difficulty settings

Controls: Gamepad

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