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Famicom - Adventures of Lolo 2 Box Art

Adventures of Lolo 2 (アドベンチャーズ オブ ロロ, Adobenchāzu obu Roro) is a puzzle game released in 1990 by HAL Corporation for the NES/Family Computer. It is the sixth installment of the Japanese Eggerland video game series; it was the fourth game released in European countries and the second one released in the United States and Canada.

The original Japanese title of the game can be transliterated as Adoventaru ofu Lolo or Adventures of Lolo. The previous title in the series was titled Adventures of Lolo, too, but it was released in North America and Europe only. Therefore, this title was localized as Adventures of Lolo 2 outside Japan.

Adventures of Lolo 2 was released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on June 5, 2007, in North America on January 21, 2008, and in PAL regions on February 1, 2008.

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ReleasedDec 26, 1990

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