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DOS - Challenge of the Ancient Empires Box Art Front

Challenge of the Ancient Empires!, also known as "Super Solvers: Ancient Empires!" is an educational computer game created by The Learning Company in 1990 for both DOS and Macintosh PCs. It is designed to improve history, logic, and problem solving skills in children ages 7 to 10 (or 10 and up, according to the box art seen to the right).

Challenge of the Ancient Empires! is an adventure game whose objective is to obtain the artifacts hidden in each of the 4 regions. To do this, the player must navigate through cavern chambers, dodging enemies and obstacles, recovering pieces of artifacts and putting them together in a tiling puzzle in order to advance to the next level.

- Wikipedia

ReleasedNov 30, 1989
DeveloperThe Learning Company
PublisherThe Learning Company

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