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Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality is the 1990 sequel to the 1988 classic DOS platform game, The Adventures of Captain Comic. The game was created by the same author as the original, Michael Denio, working at Color Dreams and was published by ComputerEasy.

The game was not as successful as its predecessor, despite containing numerous improvements and new features:

  • Save/continue-game feature
  • Hundreds of objects to discover
  • Multiple hidden rooms and bonus objects
  • Four-way scrolling playfield with more color and graphics
  • Many new tools for Comic to use
  • Non-player characters to interact with
  • A much more involved storyline
  • The ability to swim, fly, ride a mine car and a sled
  • The game is also reportedly three times the size of the original

Unlike the original (which was shareware), the game was sold commercially, which explains its lesser popularity.

- Wikipedia

ReleasedNov 30, 1989
DeveloperMichael Denio

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