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Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls! Featuring 12 big lightning-fast characters! Four to six special moves for each fighter! Set your own strength, defense and more. Three different fighting modes. Secret moves and codes! Customizable controls. Unique final moves. Hot rock music tracks and 130+ sound effects!

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ReleasedAug 05, 1994
PublisherLeland Interactive Media

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Billy and Jimmy Lee are back -- unfortunately, so are ten of their biggest enemies in this fifth installment of the famous Double Dragon series. Some things have changed, however, and players will face off in one-on-one battles instead of the side-scrolling action found in previous Double Dragon games. Four to six special moves are available for all 12 playable characters, and a plethora of secret codes and options are waiting to be discovered. Also, character attributes are customizable, allowing players to configure a fighter to match their personal fighting style. No matter whom you fight with, the Shadowlord will be ready for a final confrontation!

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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