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SNES - Dirt Racer Box Art Front

Players must drive their dirt track racing vehicle across a road rally. The car comes complete with a speedometer (in kilometres), a lap counter, and a lap time counter. There are a pre-determined number of chances to complete the game, like in Super Mario Kart and F-Zero. If the player is unable to defeat the game in those number of tries, then the player gets an automatic game over. A yellow smiley face shows up to track the performance of the driver. If it's smiling, then the player is winning. Otherwise, the player is losing the game.

- TheGamesDB

ReleasedMay 31, 1995
DeveloperElite Systems

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Dirt Racer (SNES) Game cartridge Acceptable $91.63 2019-10-13 eBay .SNES.' | '.Dirt Racer.