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Timmy and his friend, Jaime go into Timmy's father's lab to watch a movie on the big screen. Little do they know that the big screen is actually a time machine. When Timmy touches the remote they are both sucked into prehistoric times. Now in order to return home they must reclaim a time machine fuse that was stolen by some Neanderthals who go by the name of "The Rockies". The Rockies are also looking to destroy DinoCity, so two dinosaurs named Rex and Tops decide to help out the two human children in their fight against the Neanderthals.

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ReleasedSep 04, 1992

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Dinocity (SNES, 1992) Good $33.73 2019-09-19 eBay .SNES.' | '.DinoCity.
DinoCity (SNES Nintendo, Manual Only) Good $7.95 2019-10-04 eBay .SNES.' | '.DinoCity.
Dinocity - SNES - Replacement Case *NO GAME* Brand New $5.99 2019-10-10 eBay .SNES.' | '.DinoCity.

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While messing around in your father's laboratory, you and a friend are suddenly sent back in time all the way back to the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! Lucky for you, dinosaurs are fond of time travelers like yourselves, and they're willing to help you get back to the future. The only problem is that the Neanderthals aren't too happy about strange visitors from another time, and they've hatched a plot to destroy DinoCity and all its inhabitants. Now you've got to team up with your newfound friends and fight the prehistoric terrorists in order to save the dinosaurs and their home. You can hop on a dinosaur's back and squash the Neanderthals, or you can challenge them to a hand-to-hand fight. In DINOCITY, the fate of the dinosaurs is in your hands!

Travel back in time; mingle with your favorite dinosaurs; battle the evil Neanderthals to save DinoCity; step up and ride on the back of a dinosaur; tons of fast-paced action

Controls: Gamepad

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