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It's a groove to be on the move. But, if you're Chester Cheetah, "chill is the pill." So, when you are spotted in "Not-So-Great Falls, Montana," "Unclear-watter, Florida," and "Little Shock Arkansas" you follow the "law of the paw," and run for the fun. Pity, these cities can't spot a cat that knows where it's at. They want to bring you down in their town. Now, follow your feet and take to the street. It's cool to make the rules. "Wild, Wild Quest" features a full 8 Meg, 16 bit platform of adventure. Cool characters and wild-style graphics make this trip a "Wild, Wild Quest" of the best!

- TheGamesDB

ReleasedMar 01, 1994

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Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest SNES Video Game Cartridge Good $20.99 2019-10-03 eBay .SNES.' | '.Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest.
Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest - SNES - Replacement Case *NO GAME* Brand New $5.99 2019-10-10 eBay .SNES.' | '.Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest.