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You're George Phenix, one very tough private eye. You're so tough that you were the one who was able to put mob kingpin Robert King behind bars. He vowed revenge, but at the time you laughed it off. However, while you were in Italy with your girlfriend, Jane, King got his revenge. His thugs got their hands on Jane and disappeared. Now you stalk the streets of the city of Napoli, your blood boiling, your gun drawn! "Dead Angle" takes you back to the 1930's, when the mob did almost anything they wanted to. Now they've crossed the line, and you can put an end to the reign of Robert King. Put your enemies away with your revolver, or if you're lucky, pick up a Tommy gun and let 'er rip! Save Jane from the Big Sleep!

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ReleasedJan 01, 1989

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Dead Angle Sega Master 1989 VGA 85+ SMS Brand New $944.3 2019-10-01 eBay .SMS.' | '.Dead Angle.
Videogames ROBOCOP VERSUS TERMINATOR + DEAD ANGLE Sega Master System SMS MS Very Good $67 2019-09-19 eBay .SMS.' | '.Dead Angle.