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Two players control two soldiers named Ricky and Mary, who must fight their way through large eight-way scrolling levels rescuing their comrades who are being held by aliens. After they have rescued a certain number of hostages the exit opens and they can pass through it in order to fight the end-of-level guardian. If this monstrosity is defeated, they move onto the next stage. As well as two player simultaneous gameplay, Alien Syndrome features pick-ups which assist the player including better weapons and maps of the current level.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1988

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Alien Syndrome Sega Master System Video Game System SMS Very Good $19.9 2018-05-06 eBay .SMS.' | '.Alien Syndrome.
Alien Syndrome Sega Master System Complete with Case and Instruction Manual SMS Very Good $18.25 2018-04-23 eBay .SMS.' | '.Alien Syndrome.
¤ Alien Syndrome ¤ (Game Cart) Good Sega Master SMS Acceptable $15.32 2018-05-10 eBay .SMS.' | '.Alien Syndrome.