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The city of Los Angeles has a few more problems than usual in 2100 A.D. You see, the future hasn't been exactly kind to urban life and now gangs have overrun the already bleak neighborhoods. Is there any hope? There is as long as you enforce the law! Command a powerful Tactical Assault & Combat X-1 mech walker (that can also transform into a sleek hovercraft) and battle through 12 levels, each culminating in a showdown with a large boss character. Fortunately for you, fourteen different weapons are available to help you teach "crime doesn't pay." Feeling a little lonely? If so, a friend can join the action in cooperative play! An additional game mode, Precinct Assault, has also been included. Precinct Assault is a strategy game that involves two teams (red versus blue) in an all-out battle for supremacy. This mode can be played against the computer or another human. Future Cop: L.A.P.D. supports the Dual Shock Analog Controller to make you feel the gunfire, and progress can be saved using either one block of memory card space or a password.

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ReleasedAug 31, 1998
DeveloperEA Redwood Shores
PublisherElectronic Arts

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Future Cop: Lapd For PlayStation 1 PS1 Game Only 9E Acceptable $66.19 2019-09-24 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
Future Cop LAPD PS1 Acceptable $23.5 2019-10-10 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
Future Cop Lapd L.A.P.D (Sony Playstation 1 ps1) Complete Good $20.99 2019-09-27 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
PS1 Future Cop LAPD (Sony Playstation,1998) Disc Only READ Good $19.95 2019-10-03 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
Future Cop LAPD - PS1 Playstation Black Label Game w/Insert Good $17.99 2019-10-04 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
Manual and case only for Future Cop LAPD (PlayStation 1) PS1 black label Very Good $17.95 2019-09-24 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
Future Cop LAPD / L.A.P.D. (Sony Playstation 1 PS1) Like New $16.91 2019-09-28 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
Future Cop LAPD - Toys 'R' Us Display Card - PlayStation 1 PS1 - VidPro - RARE Very Good $12.95 2019-10-06 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
future cop lapd PS1 MANUAL ONLY Acceptable $12.02 2019-10-09 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.
Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Future Cop LAPD Manual ONLY Acceptable $4.99 2019-09-25 eBay .PSX.' | '.Future Cop LAPD.

Box Description

"Some Of The
Best Explosions
Ever Seen"
- Next Generation
In the 21st
Century, gangs have
taken over L.A.
Hit the streets with
hovercraft, walker
e,' ' It's like playing
without the
Two unique game modes: .
Crime War: Reclaim B
sections of crime-ridden LA..
alone or with a friend
Precinct Assault: A two-player
strategic battle against a
friend or the
controlled -Sky Captain'
• Transform from a high-speed
hovercraft into a walker
Two-player Head-to-head
and Cooperative modes
Vibrant 3-D environments
reveal a thrilling vision Of
a futuristic version of L.A.
Spectacular lighting effects
and brilliant vertex coloring
Over 1 S futuristic weapons
with special power-LQS
14633 07935
For more iltormatOn on tt1É mujuct's ratirg
http•/Vww.esrb org
or 2 Memory Card
I block
Analog Control
; Compatible
This o' the AIWes Pere
Future Copu LAPD Software '2 Arts Figure Arts the Ms
"adena"s O' trademarks O' E*ctrone Arts the A" 793520
Ocersed SOT; Computer EMetaameat
k" are tra*mns TN ts ot C•pt

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