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Based upon both episodes of the popular The Little Mermaid movies, Disney's The Little Mermaid II is an action-adventure game in which players take control of Ariel and her daughter Melody through 3D environments found in the films. Comprising two separate chapters, the mother-daughter duo must thwart the evil plans of Ursula and her sister Morgana.

Chapter One features five levels of underwater drama where Ariel must defeat Ursula after nearly selling out Atlantica to fulfill her dream of being human. Players will relive the shark chase in the sunken ship and save Prince Eric from drowning, as well as play a bonus game with Sebastian. Chapter Two introduces Melody, and is composed of seven levels and two bonus games. Play alternates between Melody and Ariel, who must work together to win the Trident back from Morgana.

Throughout play, Ariel and Melody will collect unusual objects, search for missing items, and solve puzzles while interacting with other characters. Pearls can be collected to access the bonus games, and coins can be collected to earn extra pearls. Hazards include steam vents, molten lava, falling barrels, and sea monsters. Nearly 30 minutes of movie footage is included in cut-scenes between levels, and the game characters' voices are represented using original voice acting from the films. A two-player option during bonus games is included as an added feature.

  • Join Ariel and Melody on a dangerous adventure to stop the evil Morgana

  • Explore colorful environments from the movie and interact with your favorite characters

  • View over 30 minutes of movie footage

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

    ReleasedJun 03, 2002
    PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
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