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The game follows the same storyline from the animated film. Hercules, son of Zeus, is stripped of his godhood and must prove that he is a true hero in order to regain his immortality, and join Zeus and the other gods on Mount Olympus. To do that, Hercules must pass several tasks and defeat many villains, and at the end, face Hades, ruler of the dead, who is also responsible for Hercules' losing of his immortality.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1997
PublisherDisney Interactive Software

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Ere Hercules and yottve j15t entered an ancient
awe with danger. hove fast and faster. Do mortal
combat with the vicious Hydra Dodge swinging death
Outsmart snake- headed Medusa. Conquer the evil
Hack Ascend Mt. Olympus and become a god. Think
•have what it takes to a hero? Prove it.
Adventure through ten enormus levels of leart•
—ding action and spectacular 3-D envirormmts
Star-studded celebrityvoicesEkeJamesWoodsand
Dany De hto, original music and Disney-qudity
transport you to the world of Hercules
b handredsofhours of unpredctable gane-
play as you dodge swirl" death traps, the gigantic
ni#tmarish Medusa
Two gameplay soles to cha]enqe the Hades out
52145 88028
of si&-scrollfr"
*new Z-axis
or an anon ont
ease call I-BOO-

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