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PSX - Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge Box Art FrontPSX - Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge Box Art Back

Take control of Aladdin and stop Nasira, the evil sister of Jafar (the bad guy from the Disney movie) and rescue the Sultan and Princess Jasmine. Based on the hit Disney movie and the animated TV series of the same name

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ReleasedMar 15, 2001
DeveloperArgonaut Games PLC
PublisherDisney Interactive, Inc.

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laddin is aboui'to facéhis biggest
adventure yet•H€s gotio dart
hrough the marketplace of Agraba
break his way through Palace,escape
imprisonment ifthedungeon; joumey
through an oasis;survive the fiery Cave of
Wonders,æsue Jasmine from booby traps in the
Pyramids, save the Sultan from the grasp of wil in
the An CiW;and battle Nasira in her secret
1 1719 23692
Id adventuré'
ur "oinggo
cli charaderhas their fiqbilities and
7g all _
ey!s "Aladdfil", including
it and
e, Magic Carpet
ifi*athingcnemies,. i. hrowers
pitting ima high
s the majestic city of Agr
is hardware

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