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Ready to kick some more terrorist butt? In Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas for the PlayStation, you'll reprise the role of John McClane as you lay waste to the threats and save innocent people along the way -- this time in the Sin City capital of the world: Las Vegas, Nevada. The game comes packaged as a three-in-one deal, just like the original Die Hard Trilogy, for a total of 25 non-stop action-packed levels.

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ReleasedFeb 29, 2000
PublisherFox Interactive

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The world's unluckiest tourist must once again save the yippee-ki-day in this follow-up to 1996's Die Hard Trilogy. Rather than follow the events of the first three films, the sequel features an original storyline set in Sin City. Help John McClane rid Las Vegas of a terrorist threat across three distinct game types, available for play individually or together as part of the main campaign. As in the original Die Hard Trilogy, you'll battle terrorists from a third-person perspective set behind McClane, take to the streets in action-packed driving missions, and blast foes from a first-person viewpoint with your favorite light gun peripheral. Advance through all 25 levels to win the game.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick, Gun, Mouse

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