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The Smashing Sequel to the King of Destruction! * Progressive Vehicle Damage with Realistic Physics * Up to 4 Players for Maximum Destruction! * Eight Different Gameplay Modes * 24 cars and 31 total tracks with Jumps, Tunnels and Vicious Crossovers * Skyscraper modebattle on rooftops! * Vehicle Upgrades to Increase Battle Worthiness

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ReleasedJun 01, 2000
DeveloperStudio 33

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Though not a product of Psygnosis, Destruction Derby Raw retains the same emphasis on wanton vehicular destruction as its forebears. "Wreckin' Racing," "Battle," "Smash 4 $," are the three main modes of play, each offering additional sub-modes. Wreckin' Racing provides some sense of more traditional racing, in that the goal is to finish each track in one of the top three positions in order to advance through a championship circuit, unlocking courses (31 in all) all the while. Knocking the opposition around is not entirely discouraged either.

Battle enables four players to compete in split-screen competition across varying "disciplines." The Assault sub-mode is simply a last-man-standing event in which competitors battle head-to-head. Here, options such as the track and lap count can be adjusted as desired. The Destruction Derby event, a series staple, now offers Classic and Arena variations. In Skyscraper, players aim to push one another off the roof of a tall building. Last of all is Pass Da Bomb, where the object is, of course, to not have possession of the bomb.

Smash 4 $ mode is fairly self-explanatory. To earn money (functionally equivalent to points), players are expected to liberally dole out damage to any of the other racers. High-speed collisions satisfy the basic requirement for "stunts." By pulling off a Corkscrew, Teeth Puller, or Bone Cruncher, players earn these much-needed points, and also cause real-time damage to the unlucky recipient's car. Point totals and finishing place all count towards a final point tally, which is in turn measured against a predetermined value. Players must earn enough to continue on to the next event. Accumulated cash can then be spent to upgrade or repair your vehicle.

  • Earn points by performing stunts such as the Bone Cruncher and Teeth Puller.

  • Engage in racing and all-out destruction events

  • Compete against up to four friends in the Battle mode

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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