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THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE... ...your last chance to experience the nauseating feeling of total rotation, speeding through the dark, twisting mines of Descent... your last chance to encounter the unique sensation on the system it was meant to be played on... your last chance to explore Descent worlds unavailable on any other system. It's time to get addicted to DESCENT MAXIMUM.

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ReleasedApr 30, 1997

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Capitalizing on the tremendous success of the PC game Descent, Descent Maximum is the PlayStation sequel to the original. The same, true 360-degree fast-action gameplay that made Descent a bestseller is enhanced by over 30 completely new levels exclusive to this version. These levels remain more action-oriented and are filled with robots that have newer AI as well as over 13 weapons which are easily recognizable by those familiar with the original.

In addition, Descent Maximum has unique graphical effects, such as pulse light-sourcing, and levels that need to be navigated with floodlight-style power-ups. For multiplayer gaming, there's also an option to use a link cable for Anarchy levels which provide death match-style gaming popularized by games such as Doom and Quake. The Cooperative mode allows you to team up with a friend.

You'll come across adversary robots that seek you out, but now you have a helper -- the new scout robot, the Guide-Bot. He's small and blue and has been smuggled into the mines, imprisoned in a little cell near the entrances. Like the original, doors are to be blasted open to reach further into the levels. In addition to energy centers, robot generators, main reactors, control panels, and force fields, the game introduces rescuing hostages and discovering secret levels.

Some of the power-ups include energy boosts, shield boosts, cloaking devices, invulnerability, extra lives, and ammo racks, afterburners, energy to shield converters, headlights and a full map. Some of the weapons you'll pick up are lasers, cannons, missiles, and mines. The Automap display keeps track of areas you've been to and draws in more detail as you progress throughout the levels.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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