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High-tech tanks meet full blown, first person firepower. Cyber Sled cataplults you to a future where tank warfare resembles forumla one racing on an arena football field. Eleven armored battlesleds play hide-and-seek, then seek-and-destroy; each with enough weaponry to take out the former Soviet Union. Their sole purpose? Blow you to scrap. Blink, and you're Cyber-Dead.

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ReleasedJan 27, 1995

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The year is 2067, and the world, though prosperous and populated by huge cities, is in a state of decay. In this dark future, one-on-one Tank Duels (to the death) are the spectator sport of choice, and you are a contestant. You can choose between six different tanks, each of them varying in speed, shield strength, weapon power, and maneuverability.

Once you have chosen your tank, you must drive it around an obstacle-ridden, flat-surfaced arena, hiding behind barriers, and shooting your machine guns and heat-seeking missiles at an opposing tank. You can play against the computer or challenge a friend in head-to-head split-screen action. In the one-player mode, if you destroy the enemy tank, you win the round and advance to the next stage. If your tank loses all of its shield strength, the computer wins and the game is over. If you're playing with the timer on, the tank with the highest level of shield strength when the time runs out wins the battle.

In the two-player mode, the rules are similar with the notable exception that the first contestant with two battle victories wins the entire game. In both modes of play you can find extra missiles and shield power-ups strewn throughout the play field. In the two-player mode you can also add to your arsenal a Radar Jam, a Missile Jam, and a Special Shield, which is capable of absorbing an enemy missile.

Prior to beginning a game, you can choose between two types of 3D graphics: the original arcade mode or the realistic PlayStation style.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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