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Croc is on a quest to find his parents. However, Baron Dante has kidnapped the Gobbos kings. Croc then turns his attention to rescue all of the Gobbos kings. You travel across 48 levels in this free roaming 3D game. You have to beat all the levels in a village (except the secret level) to move on to the next one. In each village, (except the 4th village) are 5 regular levels, 2 bosses, and 1 secret level. Regular levels are levels where you just beat them and get certain items in them.

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ReleasedJun 30, 1999
DeveloperArgonaut Software

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Croc 2 - PS1 (Disc Only) Good $76.76 2018-12-01 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
CROC 2 Black Label PS1 Sony (PlayStation 1) BB1 Acceptable $38.48 2018-12-18 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 Playstation psx ps1 PAL European with manual Good $37.93 2018-11-25 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Vintage Croc 2 Playstation Video Game with Instructions - PS1 - One - Very Good $34.99 2018-11-22 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 - PS1 video game Sony Playstation 1 original black label Good $29.95 2018-11-23 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
PS1 LOT QBert and Croc 2 PlayStation 1 Q Bert BLACK LABEL Good $22.99 2018-12-07 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 (Black Label) Complete PL PS1 PlayStation Very Good $22.42 2018-12-13 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 Demo CD Promo PlayStation PS1 Rare Argonaut Fox Interactive NTSC Complete Very Good $21.99 2018-11-22 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Tony Hawks Pro Skater THPS 2 & 3 + Croc II DISC & INSERT ONLY in GOOD COND PS1! Good $18.99 2018-12-04 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 1 & 2 - Playstation One PS1 PSX Games Lot! Near Mint & Working! Good $18.94 2018-12-07 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc Gobbos 1 + 2 + PC - Playstation 1 PS1 - Instruction MANUAL ONLY - No Game! Good $18.79 2018-11-27 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 Playstation PS1 Video Game Complete Good $17.99 2018-12-11 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
PLAYSTATION 1/ PS1 *** CROC 2 ***MINT***TESTED***DISC ONLY*** Very Good $16.89 2018-11-28 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 (PS1, Used, Incomplete) Good $16 2018-12-17 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 Playstation PS1 Video Game Complete Good $15.94 2018-12-11 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999) PS1 Complete TESTED Good $14.95 2018-12-15 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
CROC 2 PS1 PLAYSTATION 1 DISC ONLY Acceptable $14.88 2018-12-02 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 Game PlayStation PS1 Black Label Crocodile 2 Complete Acceptable $14.5 2018-12-07 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 COMPLETE GAME for Playstation PS1 system "E" KIDS Good $12.5 2018-12-10 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Original 1999 Sony PlayStation PS1 CROC 2 CROC TWO video game print ad page $12.45 2018-11-26 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
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Croc 2 (Original Release) Sony PlayStation 1/PS1 w/Case-NO MANUAL *TESTED* Good $9.99 2018-12-07 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
CROC 2 PS1 PLAYSTATION 1, Black Label, No Manual Good $9.95 2018-11-27 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
CROC 2 PS1 PLAYSTATION 1 DISC ONLY FAST FREE SHIPPING Good $9 2018-12-19 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 [Loose USA PS1] [VideoGameX] Acceptable $8.33 2018-12-17 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Croc 2 (Sony PlayStation PS1, 1999) Good $7.99 2018-12-17 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.
Empty Case Only for Croc 2 (Sony Playstation 1) PS1 PS One PSX - No Game - 2 Very Good $6.95 2018-11-24 eBay .PSX.' | '.Croc 2.

Additional Information

The loveable Croc is back in Croc 2, the sequel to the original PlayStation hit from Fox Interactive. After he and his Gobbo friends returned home, they thought the whole ordeal with Baron Dante was over with. Little do they know, the evil Dantinis are planning the evil villain's return.

Meanwhile, Croc's life changed one day after discovering a bottled up message lying on the beach. The writers of the letter stated they were searching for their long-lost crocodile son. Thinking they could be his parents, Croc took the letter to King Rufus who suggested he journey to a faraway land, seek out the help of other Gobbos, and find his folks. The Gobbos then built a seesaw catapult to launch Croc to the foreign land, kick-starting his latest adventure.

In Croc 2, a 3D action/platform game, players must navigate Croc through four Gobbo villages. Each one is broken down into sub-levels resulting in over 40 levels of play (not to mention secret and lost levels to discover and explore). Along the way, Croc will make use of go-karts, hang gliders, hot air balloons, and other vehicles to assist in his journey from one place to the next.

His Gobbo friends will also lend a helping hand anyway they can. Swap Meet Pete has a shop in each village allowing Croc to visit him anytime. Pete sells helpful items to assist the baby crocodile; among the various objects are Gummi Savers jumps, Heart Pots, and Clockwork Gobbos (necessary to find hidden places). In order to buy any of these things, Croc will have to seek out a variety of crystals. Once you get enough crystals, you can buy what you'd like in Swap Meet Pete's shop.

Players will also come across jigsaw pieces in keys needed to open secret doors (the Golden Gobbo doors) and locked objects, like cages or doors. Getting these objects is sometimes as much of a puzzle as figuring out what to do with them.

Though Croc 2 is not two-player compatible, it supports an OmniPlay feature that allows two players to share the control duties. If inclined, players can set up two controllers and have one person control Croc's movement while the other person jumps and controls the camera. The manual and OmniPlay menu helps players set this feature up and outlines what can be controlled.

  • Play alone or control Croc with a friend by using the OmniPlay feature

  • Visit four different Gobbo tribe villages and interact with more than 30 characters

  • Explore 40 different levels as you help Croc track down and defeat Baron Dante

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    Croc's back in an exciti g new adventur as he searchets /0f
    his long lost parents. Bui search sooli becomes showdown
    as Croc's archenemy, Baan Dante, is magically resurrected
    by his evil Danfinis. Join Croc's journefihe explores
    over 40 levels within four Cobbo tribe 111 es, each
    packed wit unique
    Cobbos mi hjevous
    monsters, an tons of
    Croc faces into action in a go-kart, han glider,
    speedboat, mine cart and a hot air
    _ A = Memory Card
    1 block
    Fox Interactive, Inc. P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213
    Analog Control
    Croc picks up and throws
    objects to discover hidden clues!
    0 86162 11002 3
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