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In the 21st century, you are a Crime Killer with three heavily armed police vehicles and a license to kill. Patrol the streets at breakneck speed, and crime will become a distant blur. Because on your shift, noting outruns the long arm of the law.

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ReleasedJul 01, 1998

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Ever since the beginning of the 21st Century, crime has been getting worse and more severe. Criminals patrol the streets like everyday citizens looting valuables, murdering arch rivals, and speeding up and down city streets and highways. The question is: what is anyone going to do about these hoodlums?

The answer lies within an elite force of police officers -- the Crime Killers. After purchasing the City Police Department, the URIEL Consortium gave the taskforce new uniforms, weapons, and three patrolling vehicles capable of considerable damage; the Turbo Patrol Car is a destructive land vehicle, the Bike is a speedy motorcycle, and the Wing reigns terror from the skies! Its time to take the streets back!

Running at a constant 60 frames per second, Crime Killer features over seventeen crime-stopping missions set throughout complex and congested city streets. Scenarios involve destroying or arresting certain criminals and capturing runaway cars by engaging in white-knuckle chases.

Players are given a variety of attack and defensive weapons including the standard Auto Cannon, a non-violent frequency Pacifier, Vulcan Cannons, highly explosive Cluster shells, and a Mass Driver Cannon that penetrates armored vehicles. Additionally, pickups are scattered about on various roadways including shield regeneration, weapons, an elastic line that locates your opponents' positions, and ammunition refills.

In addition to the single player scenarios and objectives, there are some two-player options including Holotag and Weapons Test. Holotag pits each player in a heated race for dropped Holotags; rather than blowing each other up, it focuses on a player's driving ability. Whoever picks up the most tags claims victory. For the more destructive players, Weapons Test features a set amount of kills required for victory. The objective is to obliterate your opponent using a barrage of weaponry.

Crime Killer features various camera angles and supports analog controls.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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