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Creatures is a biological simulation. You start with six eggs of Norns, cute little creatures who live in an imaginary world. Your task is to give them knowledge about the world they live in, learn them how to speak, how to use toys, an elevator, how to eat etc. They will eventually grow older, reproduce themselves and die. The game uses its own genetics system, as well as biochemical and neurological calculations to determine the evolution of Norns and the way their DNA would develop in their descendants.

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ReleasedJan 01, 2001
DeveloperElo Interactive Media GmbH
PublisherSwing! Entertainment Media AG

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Additional Information

Before Black & White, Seaman, or even Pokémon, there came Creatures. This release brings one of the PC's first truly personable life sims to the PlayStation. Creatures takes place in three game worlds that are home to the cute little Norns. Players lead a tribe of Norns through generations of evolution, endeavoring to teach the skills needed for healthy survival and selectively breeding to emphasize strengths and minimize weaknesses in the gene pool. Gameplay comes alive in the personalities of the individual Norns, who are intelligent enough to learn but independent enough to misbehave, often unwittingly putting themselves in humorous situations or even serious danger.

  • Feed and nurture an assortment of little creatures

  • Watch as the animals hatch from eggs and mature into adults

  • Place teddy bears, tops, punching bags, and other toys within their environment

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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