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You play the role of Flicker, a young dragon who is always inventing new stuff to make his life easier. As one of the smartest dragons in a land called Camelhot, Flicker's fallen deeply in love with King All Fire's daughter, the beautiful Princess Flame. As King All Fire is retiring soon, Flicker's chance to court Princess Flame is now. The King is holding a tournament of grand magnitude, and the winner will become King of Camelhot and take Princess Flame's hand in marriage. In this point-and-click adventure, you'll lead Flicker through the tournament, battling rival dragons and completing various mini-games. Ultimately, it'll be up to you to stop Sir George the Human and his evil Black Dragon. This journey will give you the chance to interact with over 40 characters, each with their own personality. You'll also come across various items in the kingdom of Camelhot, from bones to popcorn; each one will serve a special purpose. With loads of mini-games to keep you busy, BLAZING DRAGONS offers hours of fun.

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ReleasedOct 31, 1996
DeveloperCrystal Dynamics

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Taking place in medieval times, Blazing Dragons is a humorous graphic adventure featuring voice-overs by Cheech Marin, Harry Shearer, Terry Jones (an original member of Monty Python's Flying Circus and creator of the characters found in this game), as well as other comedians. Players assume the role of Flicker, a young dragon who likes to invent assorted gadgets to make his life a little easier. As the humblest dragon in all of Camelhot, he's fallen madly in love with King All Fire's daughter, Princess Flame. After years of waiting, Flicker's chance of hooking up with her has finally come -- the king's retiring and holding a tournament of epic proportions. Not only will the winner take the crown of Camelhot, but he'll also have Princess Flame's hand in marriage. Not bad, eh?

Guide the young dragon by fending off rival dragons, solving puzzles, and ultimately stopping the sinister Sir George the Human and his evil Black Dragon in this point-and-click adventure. Interact with over forty characters, including the moronic Dragon Knights, eclectic townsfolk, and other dragons. Initiate conversations by walking up to any given character, selecting the talk icon, and choosing from various lines of text. And you'll find all kinds of hot-spotted items within the kingdom of Camelhot including bones, various stamps, animals, soap, popcorn, a hand mirror, and a mop to stored in Flicker's inventory bag. Each item serves a specific purpose and you'll need to combine some items together.

Blazing Dragons features arcade sequences and mini-games. Cat-A-Pult has Flicker trying to nail nine out of ten Dragon Knights. Thumb Wrestling is a heated competition with a stronger rival dragon. The Dance Contest is played in a Simon Says fashion, while Rabbid Rabbits involves eyes, blinking and picking the correct bunny. Outlined in the manual, each mini-game has it's own unique control scheme. It's all up to you in if Flicker becomes the next king of Camelhot and gets the girl.

  • Adventure through a land of medieval fairy tale parody

  • Mini-game silliness for kids of all ages, in the style of Monty Python

  • Featuring the voices of Terry Jones, Harry Shearer, and Cheech Marin

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

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    forget the sword;—
    Bring a psychiatrist.
    From the twisted mind
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    member Terry -
    comes BIAZINc, DRAGONS,
    —warped medieval ådventure
    brings over 40 wacky characters
    to life with a freakish-mix of voice,
    over talents like Cheech Marin,
    Harry Shearer and Terry 'ones.
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