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Battle Hunter (known as The Hunter in Europe) pits you against evil robots, mutated animals, and even some of your own friends! Battle Cards will help you get a leg up on the competition, and awesome action physics make the gameplay smooth and realistic. If you’re looking for an original challenge that lives up to its premise, check out BATTLE HUNTER.

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ReleasedJun 01, 2001
PublisherA1 Games

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Battle Hunter Sony PlayStation PS1 Brand New Sealed Brand New $75.51 2019-09-05 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle Hunter Sony PlayStation 1 PSX PS1 original ps one Brand New Sealed Brand New $49.99 2019-09-01 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle Hunter Playstation PS1 Video Game New Sealed Brand New $44.15 2019-08-23 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle hunter  Ps1 New Brand New $40.5 2019-08-25 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle Hunter (Sony PlayStation 1, 2001) PS1 Complete CIB Like New $35 2019-09-14 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
PS 1 - Battle Hunter Very Good $29.99 2019-08-28 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle Hunter Playstation PS1 Video Game Complete - TESTED Like New $29.99 2019-08-30 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle Sugoroku Hunter Superlite 1500 Playstation PS1 New Factory Sealed Y Fold Brand New $28 2019-08-26 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Spongebob Squarepants, Team Rocket Rescue & Battle Hunter Complete in GREAT PS1! Very Good $26.99 2019-09-05 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
PS1 Battle Hunter Game Complete Playstation Complete Like New $20 2019-09-09 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Battle Hunter Game Complete Free Shipping Very Good $17 2019-09-02 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
BATTLE HUNTER (Sony Playstation 1, PS1, 2001) Missing Manual Good $16 2019-09-14 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle Hunter PS1 (Sony PlayStation 1, 2001) Complete in Excellent Condition! Like New $15 2019-09-04 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
PlayStation BATTLE SUGOROKU HUNTER PS1 Good $14.99 2019-09-04 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle Hunter (Sony Playstation 1 ps1) Complete Good $14.89 2019-08-29 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
(Nearly New) Battle Hunter SLUS-01335 Agetec Sony PS1 Video Game - XclusiveDealz Like New $14.78 2019-09-05 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
BATTLE HUNTER (Sony Playstation 1, PS1, 2001) Missing Manual Good $13.5 2019-09-16 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
BATTLE HUNTER PS1 PLAYSTATION 1 DISC ONLY Acceptable $11.49 2019-09-14 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.
Battle Hunter (Sony PlayStation 1, PS1) Tested Working Good $10 2019-09-15 eBay .PSX.' | '.Battle Hunter.

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Players battle malfunctioning robots guards and horrendously mutated creatures to recover the lost technology of a near-future Earth in the action-oriented role-playing adventure Battle Hunter, for the enduring PlayStation console. Civilization as we know it was wiped out in the Third World War and the few scientists who survive in the aftermath struggle to make use of their skills to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction before it is too late. As one of several competing "Hunters," the player quests through dangerously twisted post-apocalyptic lands in search of important technological relics and the bounties they will bring.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

Box Description

You On Too
n the near future, mankind survives a third "Great War, but
just barely. The remaining scientists who are dedicated to
bringing humanity back from the brink of extinction need vital
information and special items that are stored in the ruins of
former high-tech cities. Too dangerous for normal troops, these
missions require the use of highly trained mercenaries code.
named: "Hunters. These combat veterans face the terrors of a
mutated underworld while competing with other Hunters for the
chance to bring back the prized relics of the past!
1 Block
1 to 4
• Special Battle Cards offer
advantages for offense, defense,
speed, and recovery from injuries!
• Don 't worry if you're not the first
Hunter to the prize—you can always
ambush the other guy!
• Beware of damaged guard-bots,
mutated animals, and even your
friends—they are all out to get you!
41 6
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Multitap Adaptable
1-4 Players
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