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The game contains 16 stages that feature different objectives such as blowing up a bridge or escaping from a P.O.W. camp. Before starting each stage, players get to select 2 of the 6 different commandos to take into the field of battle. Each commando has their own ratings in speed, stealth, and hit points. Each also has two special skills. Skills can include being adept at demolition, linguistics, heavy weapons, sniper, mechanic, communications, or repair. Players can switch control between the 2 commandos during a stage. During some stages players also get a chance to maneuver assault vehicles and tanks, aim aircraft artillery, and pilot submarines.

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ReleasedNov 28, 2001

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This release for the PlayStation is designed to bring a taste of squad-tactics combat to 3DO's enduring Army Men franchise. Players take command of a unit made up of two commandos with varying skills, choosing team members whose abilities complement one another or are best suited for the mission ahead.

The Greens have learned that the rival Tan army has developed a devastating secret weapon, so missions involve directing a strike force that can infiltrate the enemy, locate the weapon, and ensure that it is never unleashed against the Green Nation. Two-player games are supported, with each player controlling one of the two Green commandos.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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