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The war continues between the green and tan armies, with air, sea and land vehicles increasing the range of attacks. New additions to your army includes the ability to control both army men, land vehicles, ships and aircraft (for example Helicopters, bombers, battleships and tanks). The Army Men themselves have a larger aresenal to choose from, including the howitzer and mortars plus the usual machine guns, flamethrowers and grenades. As a Playstation exclusive, a 2 player capture the flag game has been included. The single player campagins all included multiple objectives, such as capturing an enemy base while destroying others or defending an area from intruders.

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ReleasedSep 20, 2000

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Once again, the greedy Tan army invades and players must lead the Green's defense of territory and holdings. Army Men World War - Land, Sea, Air features loads of weapons to help the Greens get the job done, including howitzers, flamethrowers, and even a stealthy bayonet in a game that also features several vehicles to commandeer or blow to bits. Set in a World War II environment, jungles, beaches, and bombed-out cities provide battlefields to strategically challenge players. Lead one green soldier through mission after mission of Tan-smashing action in a single-player campaign, or join a friend for a head-to-head deathmatch or capture-the-flag session.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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